Where To Eat In Durban

Like any great tourist location, Durban has amazing places to eat. There are incredible restaurants and cafes where you can find foods that will leave your taste buds dying for more. It does not matter what kind of food you are looking for, you can be sure that Durban has what you are looking for.

The question is, what exactly are you looking for? There are many great places that would suit the palette of the most discriminant eater, but not everyone wants to eat the same things as others. Some like seafood, others like spicier foods, while others are looking for more Western style foods. It can make your stay quite challenging to find the very best places to go to.

While this is not a comprehensive list by any stretch of the imagination, here are some great places to find fine dining. The list should have one or two that suit anyone’s needs or desires.

Ile Maurice – if you are looking for a taste of the French Bayou, then this is the restaurant for you. This is a very trendy restaurant in Durban that features authentic Creole dishes. While the taste is spot on, the amount of spice added will not send you running for the nearest firehose to douse that hot spice. You can get the dishes much spicier, but the taste is made to give you the great flavor without the five alarm fire in your stomach later on. This is a very romantic restaurant to take that special someone to, and you will love the wine selection as well. The location provides a great view of the water, and you will not find better service anywhere.

Ile Maurice restautant

Bel Punto – if you are looking for a more casual style restaurant that has amazing cuisine, then here is the spot for you. Bel Punto has a great Sunday lunch, but all their other meal times are amazing as well. You will love the Italian cuisine at a price that will not hurt your vacation budget. The restaurant is located right along the beach, so you get a great view, and you will love that you don’t have to come in looking fancy to enjoy the amazing food. The Prawns Padella is a real specialty there, and you can be sure that the prawns come as fresh as you can imagine.

bel punto restaurant durban

Moyo – if you are looking for real authentic African cuisine, then this is the place for you. This is a great African Grill that provides authentic Moroccan and South African dishes. The food comes piping hot to your table and the staff is extremely friendly. This is a little more on the pricy side in terms of cost, but it is well worth the experience. You will love the service, and the food is really something special.

African Peninsula Restaurant – While the food is absolutely amazing here, the view is even more spectacular. Built so that it looks right over the peninsula, you will love the cuisine and nature. Serving authentic dishes from the continent as well as fresh seafood, this is truly a heaven on earth. The cost is also pretty reasonable for the service and food you get, and you will not find many better places to eat in the city.

African Peninsula Restaurant durban

Craft – If you are looking for one of the most out of place restaurants in Durban, Craft is it. It is not that it does not have good food. It is that this looks more like a Swiss Chalet than an African restaurant. This is also a great place to find Italian cuisine, and you will love the seafood options here. All of the pizzas are named after Saints, and this is a real trendy place to go to, especially if you are a Christian. You will love the ambience and enjoy that you don’t have to go where it is below zero to get this kind of atmosphere.

Craft restaurant durban

Café 1999 – this has been a favorite for decades, as they serve incredible meals in a very casual environment. You will find authentic Mediterranean cuisine here that simply is to die for. The grilled entrees are fabulous, and the way that their chefs can integrate ricotta cheese into dishes is something you have to taste to believe. The atmosphere is also fun, as they play a wide variety of music from the region, and the restaurant itself has a very old-fashioned look. You will love it.

Café 1999 Restaurant durban

Impulse by the Sea – you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine, then here is your stop. Many people are not aware of this, but Durban is the city with the largest Indian population outside of India itself. That means you can usually find great shops and restaurants serving authentic Indian dishes. This is the very best of them all. The prawn curry is amazing, and there are many tables located on the sun deck where you can watch the sea as you eat. The atmosphere, food, and service make this a five-star affair for sure.

Impulse by the Sea restaurant durban

9th Avenue Bistro – An authentic bistro is heaven to many people, and this is one of the best. Located in the heart of Durban’s entertainment district, this is a great place to go to before you go to a show, or after visiting a museum or gallery. This is the place where you will not go home hungry as their six-course tasting menu allows you to taste a whole lot of food items. You will be plenty full, and it is all good. This restaurant has won several awards and with good reason. The dishes are amazing, look spectacular and the atmosphere is sensational.

9th Avenue Bistro restaurant durban

Roma Revolving Restaurant – like so many restaurants in Durban, it is the view that almost surpasses the meal itself. This is a great example of that. The Roma Revolving Restaurant is an authentic Italian eatery where the restaurant rotates as you dine. You will love that there is the most incredible view while you eat. Whether going here for dinner or lunch, you will not be disappointed in the sites.

Roma Revolving  Restaurant durban