uShaka Marine World

Millions of people have visited Marine World in the United States, and have enjoyed the spectacular shows and performances, as well as the ability to see the incredible wildlife that exists below the surface of the water. In Durban, South Africa there is also a great water amusement park as uShaka Marine World has allowed visitors from all over the world to enjoy this amazing place that is home to thousands of animals and sea creatures. It is truly a magnificent spectacle.

First opened in April of 2004, this park took three years to develop, but has been a spectacular site ever since, earning several awards for architectural design and the entertainment that they provide. The uShaka Marine World is actually divided up into several pieces that make it a great place for the whole family.

uShaka Marine World2

uShaka Sea World has 32 tanks and its underground aquarium is built around the shipwrecks of five different vessels. This makes it a lot of fun to see, no matter what you are looking for. There are restaurants in a cargo hold and the upper deck area gives you views of all the exhibits no matter where they are located in the park.

There are many great shows you can view each day. The Dolphin Show has seating for 1,200 visitors and there is a seal show as well. There are several indigenous animals to the area, including hammerhead, ragged-tooth, and tiger sharks, as well as rays, eels, and hundreds of gamefish species. There are also penguins.

Fish and sea creatures are not the only thing you will find however. There are also many forms of arachnids, reptiles and amphibians. You will see many venomous species of each of these classes of creatures.

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The uShaka Sea World is really spectacular, but there is a lot more to this park. The uShakaWet’n Wild is a great amusement park where you can ride high speed water slides, travel down the rivers on inner tubes, and sit in the wade and tidal wave pools. This is a whole lot of fun, that includes restaurants and gift shops. For parents there are also some great areas to just relax while the kids go around and play.

From the amusement park you can go down to uShaka Beach and enjoy a day just sitting in the sun or down in the water that surrounds the beach area. This is a beautiful golden brown sand beach with a pier you can sit on and enjoy the waves as they travel underneath you. The view here is spectacular.

The uShaka Village Walk is designed to look like an authentic African village from centuries ago. There are restaurants, shops, cafes, and other attractions that make it a great place to visit. It is such a perfect place to spend at least a portion of your day.

This incredible amusement park has virtually anything any member of your family could want to see or do. You will love the great opportunities to enjoy South Africa at its fullest.

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