Underwater Wonderland

If you are a person who wants to enjoy the world below the water, then you will find no better place to do so than Aliwal Shoal, the vacation spot in Durban, South Africa more commonly known to tourists as Underwater Wonderland. This is an absolutely spectacular place to see the underwater life that lives along the shores of this incredible tourist city. It is truly a fun adventure for the whole family.

Underwater Wonderland is the location for one of the most spectacular ecosystems you will find anywhere in the world. This is a place that scuba divers from all over the planet come to enjoy the sites and animals you will find. It is truly spectacular.

Underwater Wonderland3

It starts with the beautiful, multi-colored coral that line the shore line. The coral reefs are absolutely beautiful and will leave you totally speechless as you gaze at their beauty. Of course, no coral would be complete without the coral fish that live in and around them, and the fish are abundant in Durban.

Under the water you will see an incredible array of sea turtles, moray eels, and rays. They all live in this area and are part of the epic ecosystem you get to enjoy while you dive in and around the reefs. As you travel down toward the gullies that reefs inhabit the view gets more spectacular and you get to see more of the incredible array of wildlife that lives below the waters off the coast of South Africa.

Underwater Wonderland

If that isn’t cool enough, it is very likely that while you are out, you will get to see some close up views of both whales and sharks. Not only does the ragged-tooth shark live around the reefs, but so do a variety of species of tiger sharks. As you enter Raggie’s Cave you will find a large number of the ragged-tooth sharks, as well as eels, and potato bass. It will leave you spell bound and wanting to see more.

Fortunately, there is more. The whales that travel around this area are quite common to see, and you will love getting to see them. You may even see a dolphin or two at times.

Underwater Wonderland2

If you are looking to see one of the oddest natural occurrences on the planet, you will find the Sardine Run truly astounding. This occurs annually and is a time where enormous numbers of sardines migrate up the coast of South Africa looking to get to warmer waters as winter approaches. Following closely behind and with the sardines are a large group of predators, including dolphins, sharks, whales, fish, and even seabirds. All are looking to stock up on the sardine buffet, and the whole seen is really something to behold. It is not uncommon for tourists to simply scoop a whole group of sardines into their hands while they try to swim north.

Underwater Wonderland is truly amazing and will leave you astounded at the beautiful and amazing sites. You will truly love that you made this a place to spend part of your vacation.