Umhlanga Rocks

Located on the eastern coast of South Africa, the Umhlanga Rocks are a beautiful resort village just north of Durban, South Africa. This area has a lot of great places to visit if you are a tourist and the Umhlanga Rocks are no different. They provide an amazing experience you are sure to love.

The village of Umhlanga faces toward the Indian Ocean, and the waters that caress it are warmed by the subtropical temperatures of the region. Here you will find incredible accommodations, whether you want a five-star hotel, a bed and breakfast, or simply want someplace to lay your head at night before you head back out to enjoy this amazing area. There are amazing accommodations for you no matter what you are looking for.


You will also find that there are a great many shops, restaurants and cafes to satisfy whatever your fancy may be. The shopping centers have a wide variety of stores that not only sell items you may need while visiting the Umhlanga Rocks, but also things you may want to take home with you, including many souvenirs related to the Zulu tribe, the original inhabitants of this area.

The beaches are absolutely amazing and are perfect for a day laying out in the sun or if you want to get into the water for a little swim. There are a great many activities on the beach area, including volleyball, and you can also rent a boat or even go surfing. This is an amazing area that offers a lot of activities, or it can just be a great place to lay out and catch some sun rays.

If you want to live it up a bit, you can most certainly go out and try your hand at a little deep-sea fishing. You have the chance to really catch the big one while you swim underwater surveying the amazing wildlife around the Umhlanga Rocks. Many want to just scuba dive, and this is a great adventure. Whether you are above the water or below, you will also be able to see whales and dolphins that travel near the shore.

The Umhlanga Park is the also the home to the Wetland Park, an incredible site where you will find activities for the whole family. There is also a great lighthouse here that you can tour. The Zulu Kingdom Game Reserver is also located here, where you can find a wide variety of exotic animals to see. There are tours that can take you into the region and help you truly get acquainted with the animals of Africa.

If you want to spend a little more time indoors, the Sibaya Casino offers a fun retreat from the sun. There are also golf courses, and live entertainment that you can find at the hotels.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on all the things you can do. You will be amazed at the great opportunities available to you. If you bring your family they will love it as well.