Durban, South Africa is one of the hottest and most popular places on earth to take a vacation. There is so much to do and so much to enjoy that a person can find it hard to get it all in. It really is a town of so many great attractions.

One spot that you will love Sodurba. Located in the South Durban Basin, this is an exciting area that offers a lot of fun and exciting activities that you will love. It also has a lot of great history you will find fascinating to learn about.


Let’s start with the waters that surround this area. Sodurba has a massive Cave Rock that swells into the sea, and is a great site to visit. You will love the way that Mother Nature has formed the hills around this area, and many have found a great use for it. Tube riding down the hills is quite an adventure as you head for the seas, but this is not an activity for the faint of heart. The waves that reach this rock formation can be incredibly daunting, and if you are not prepared you can find yourself in a bit of mess really quick.

The waves around this area are truly remarkable and this is why it attracts surfers from all over the world. They also understand that a person has to be really careful no matter how skilled they are. Swells can reach in excess of five yards, so you need to make sure you are well prepared before Hanging 10.

The nature reserve that is around Sodurba is a great place to visit. First of all, you don’t actually even have to get into the reserve to appreciate. Vervet monkeys that live in the reserve can be heard from all over as they chatter away to whoever will listen. You can take a guided tour this nature reserve and get a closer look at the monkeys and other wildlife that exists here.

Sodurba is the largest port in Africa, and you will see a lot of vessels come in and out. You can even tour the bay to see the great attractions, and get a real feel for truly busy this port is. It is one thing to see it from shore, but it is a whole new experience from out on the water. You will not be sorry you took this trip.

There is a lot of great history in this area as well. The British and South African navies were in several skirmishes with the Axis forces during World War II off the coast of this area. The first human settlement in Durban was in this area, as the Luthuli Tribe made this region their home. The port is also the site of really tragic events, as this was spot was one of the biggest suppliers in the African slave trade.

This is a great multi-cultural city that you will truly love. There is a lot to do and see, and you will love your time there.