Sapphire Coast

Stretching from Clansthal in the south and reaching as far north as Athlone Park, this incredible piece of land extends some 25 miles. Along the shore there are beautiful beaches that shine golden in the sun, and the forests that line the coast are lush with beautiful green trees and incredible flowers. You will also find small villages along the shore, only adding to the beauty of this area. This is an incredible place to find wildlife among the natural beauty of the area.

sapphire coast

This location is deep in history. In 1828, it was the area where King Shaka rested his troops before they began their march down the coast to engage in a huge battle. He named the are “The Place of Sweet Water,” and it has kept that name ever since. Because of its incredible location and abundant plants and wildlife, it has been a spot that rulers have wanted to possess for generations and this has been shown in the large number of battles that have been fought in the area.

The rivers and streams that the soldiers drank from is not the only waters that make this a beautiful location. The Indian Ocean comes right up against the coast, and this is one of the most beautiful views you will ever see. In fact, there are also a great many activities that you and your family can enjoy in this location. There are several beaches that run the length of the Sapphire Coast, and the swimming is fabulous. All the beach areas are protected by netting to keep sharks away and there are trained lifeguards on duty all the time.

This is also a great place to surf. The waves are outstanding and you will find yourself having the time of your life Hanging 10 during the big swells that occur in the waters surrounding the cost. This is even a great place for fishing, so you will definitely find something to do in the waters.

If you are big into diving you will find the waters have an array of wildlife, plants and other objects you will love to view under the waters. The ecosystem of this marine area is truly fabulous, as you will see bright corals, whales, eels, rays, fish, and rays. In fact, this location is rated as one of the best five warm water diving spots in the entire world.

You will also find that you are not the only one who is enjoying the sites. Ragged-tooth sharks are known to patrol this area, looking to find fish to eat in the caves and gullies that line the shore. There are many tours you can join that can help you see the vest best sites along the shore, while not getting yourself in a precarious situation to do so.

You will love all the things you can do here. There is so much you can enjoy, including a paintball arena, water park, and Funland. There is a lot to do for the whole family.