Many look to take a vacation so they can have a peaceful time where they are not bothered by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Then there are those who want to find a location for their vacation where they can have a great night out of the town. They are looking to party, meet people, and dance the night away in their destination of choice.

Finding a great tourist city to go to where you can enjoy your nights out is not always easy. There are many great places like Paris and Rome where you can find lots of places to go, but not knowing the language and not knowing your surroundings can be a formula for disaster at times. You want to go out and have fun, but go to a place that you can feel safe in. Consider Durban, South Africa.

Durban is a great place for many reasons, one of the most important is that it is a very safe place if you are a tourist. The punishments for injuring or robbing tourists is quite excessive in South Africa, so criminals are quite leery about taking the risk. This makes you safer than you would be in most other spots in the world.

Of course, that is not the only reason to like Durban. There is a vibrant nightlife that will accommodate the needs and desires of any traveler. You will find clubs and bars that definitely fit what you are looking for. Some of the more popular ones include:

Studio 53 Pinetown – located about 20 minutes from the main beachfront area, this is one of the best places you will find to just let yourself go and have a good time. The music is a variety of 80s classics as well as popular dance tracks, and you will find a very diverse group of people here. There are also pool tables, a large bar area, and an even larger dance floor. If you are into dancing or just want to hang out, you will love the atmosphere. For you guys, this is the place where you will find plenty of beautiful women.

Studio 53 Pinetown

The Origin – if you are looking for a great place to dance, this is considered the very hottest of hot spots. There are separate areas of the club so you can find the style of music that best fits your needs. There is soul, funk, techno, rock, and others, giving you the ultimate place to enjoy. This place is always crowded, so be prepared to have to do some serious navigating to get around.

nightlife in durban2

Burn Nightclub – if you are a Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, alternative rock guy or gal, this is the place for you. They have great punk and metal bands here as well. This is just a short walk from most of the resort areas and has live bands every night. You will not only be able to dance, but could just bang your head to some local groups as they rock out.

Burn Nightclub

Joe Cool’s – if you are looking for a traditional style bar to hang out at and just enjoy the drinks, people, and the beach, then Joe Cool’s is the place for you. This is touted as the place that all the beautiful people hang out at, and there are many here that you will find. There are seven bars, two decks and some of the best cocktails you will find. Great place to hang out and just enjoy a wonderful evening.

Joe Cool’s

Tiger Tiger – playing a range of 80s and 90s hits, this is also a very popular place to go. They also play current hits and dance favorites, and attract one of the most diverse crowds you will find in the city. On Friday and Saturday nights, this club is really jumping as their DJs will have everyone enjoying one of the best nights of their lives. It is hot in more than one way, maybe a little too hot for some. If that is the case, there is an outside bar area where you can cool off while you hang out with your new friends.

Tiger Tiger

Casablanca – what would a great tourist city in Africa be without a club called Casablanca? This is a great club to visit, especially for older patrons. There is a wide variety of music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, allowing you to enjoy a good night of music or to dance with someone special. Great drink specials in a laid back atmosphere where drama is not welcome.

Rainbow Restaurant and Jazz Club – looking for live music then this is a place with some of the best local live jazz you will hear. Many of the top artists on the continent come here to play, and the atmosphere is perfect for jazz. You will not find a better venue to enjoy incredible jazz music while you just get caught up in the notes.

Rainbow Restaurant and Jazz Club

The Arena – if you are looking for huge headliners, then this is the venue for you. The Arena is a 10,000 seat auditorium that draws some of the biggest names in music from around the world. You are likely to find a great artist performing here at least once a week, and it has a great design to make it a fabulous place to enjoy a show.

The Arena

Waxy O’Connors Irish Pub – what would a town be without a great Irish pub? Waxy O’Connors is Durban’s favorite Irish watering hole. This is the ideal place to come to just get a drink and relax. Many people stop here after work, so you will find a large number of local people here that you can intermingle with. The food is also quite amazing.

Waxy O’Connors Irish Pub

Durban Underwater Club – Want a real unusual experience? How about a club that is built under the water? Well here it is. This is built so you can see the amazing skyscrapers that line the beaches and the city and enjoy a night of dancing and great drinks. There is also incredible food here, and the atmosphere here is second to none to say the least.

Durban Underwater Club