Durban, South Africa is an amazing place to take a vacation. You will love the amazing sites and attractions that are available, and there is truly no place better in the world to go to for beaches. The beaches of Durban are not only amazing to see, but there are incredible activities you can enjoy in and around the water while you are there. During the day there is more activities and fun things to do than you could possibly imagine.

nightlife in durban2

Of course the fun does not end when the sun goes down. There is a lot of fun things that you can do in Durban, as its nightlife is second to none. You will love the incredible activities, bars and clubs that you can go to for sure.

nightlife in durban

First, let’s start with the great clubs. Many of these hot spots are near the beaches and hotels, making your ability to get there as simple as it gets. A short walk and you are in.

nightlife durban

It does not matter what kind of music you are looking for, there is a club for you. There are clubs that have DJs playing the top hits of today, several 80s and 90s clubs, hip-hop, soul, jazz, and many other types. A few clubs even have more than one part to the club where different music is played in each section. This allows you to have a larger group of people to mingle with, but to be able to return to the area where the music you like the most is being played.

If you are looking for live performances, there are clubs that offer live local bands. These are especially prominent in the rock and jazz genres where several clubs offer live performances every night. You will get to hear some of the best local talent in all of South Africa, and even groups from around the continent perform at these clubs. It is truly a night to enjoy. Two clubs that standout in particular are the Burn and the Jazz Club. The talent they bring to these establishments is astounding.

Of course, if you are over 50 there are places for you to. The nightlife is not just for the younger generations. Clubs like Casablanca allow people of all ages to get their groove on and to enjoy an amazing night on the town in Durban.

For those who just want to find a place to drink and hang out, two of the best places you may like are the Durban Underwater Club and Waxy O’Connors. The Irish pub is frequented by many of the local people who are heading home after work or are looking for a night out, so you can mingle with a lot of local Durbanites. The Underwater Club is actually under the water, giving you an incredible experience to say the least.

You will love your time in Durban even more if you take advantage of the amazing night life that the city has to offer. No sense staying in your hotel at night if you don’t want to. You can go and have the time of your life.