Moses Mabhida Stadium

While rugby is still the king sport in South Africa, Soccer (football) is rapidly increasing in popularity in the country. This became apparent when the country hosted the 2010 World Cup, bringing the world’s best soccer talent to South Africa to compete on the pitch for the chance to be named the best team in the world.

The city of Durban hosted a portion of the World Cup, and so Moses Mabhida Stadium was built to accommodate the spectator sport. This is an amazing stadium that holds nearly 63,000 people for games. It is an amazing architectural innovation that was truly a fitting host for such a prestigious event.

Moses Mabhida Stadium2

Moses Mabhida Stadium is constructed with an arching roof that is open to allow the sun in, but the overhangs of the arch make it much cooler for fans in their seats. The sun does not directly shine on any seats except for small portions of the day. This makes for a very comfortable seating while one enjoys that game.

In just 40 months the stadium went from an idea to a completed wonder. There was a stadium that existed prior to Moses Mabhida Stadium being built, but it was demolished to make room for the new arena. This began in July of 2006. In April, 2007 the construction of the new stadium began. In November 2009 it was done and ready for prime time.

Moses Mabhida Stadium3

Moses Mabhida Stadium hosted games for such world powerhouses as Germany, Spain, and Brazil. In fact, the 1-0 victory that Spain gained over Germany in the 2010 semi-final was hosted in Durban.

AmaZulu of the Premier Soccer League now uses the stadium as its home for matches, but there are several other major events that have found their way inside Moses Mabhida Stadium. The T20I Cricket championships were played in the arena in 2011. In fact, the stadium was the site of the largest crowd to attend a cricket match in Africa. That record still remains.

Moses Mabhida Stadium4

Moses Mabhida Stadium was also home to the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations. Group A saw their bracket play their games in Durban, and the semi-final between Nigeria and Mali was in the arena. Nigeria won 4-1.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be hosted by South Africa, and many major events will find their way into Moses Mabhida Stadium. This is truly a stadium built for big events, but it is also one that is prime to host any kind of event.

Motorsports have seen many of the big events inside of Moses Mabhida Stadium. The A1GP World Cup of Motorsports was hosted there, as have several other motorsports events. Many live concert events have been here as well, including concerts by Michael Buble, Chris Brown, and John Legend.

It is truly a magnificent stadium with all of the amenities a person could want. You can get great wi-fi reception, and there are plenty of bathroom facilities. The concessions serves several local food items, but you can also buy stadium staples you would find in stadiums all over the world.

Moses Mabhida Stadium