Inanda Heritage Route

North of Durban, South Africa, the Inanda Heritage Route is a trail that gives tourists the opportunity to see parts of South Africa that are often overlooked, yet are as exciting and enjoyable to explore as any other area of the tourist heaven. The history of this region is extensive and has played a key part in the heritage of South Africa. Unfortunately, that history has not always been pleasant as this was an area that came under heavy oppression during the time of the Apartheid government in South Africa. However, this was the center of the peace movement that helped to end the prejudicial rule of the government.


Winding its path through the Indanda Valley, this area is not only a look at the history of South Africa, but India as well. In the 1860s and 1880s many Indian citizens came to South Africa in two large emigrations that have made the Indian influence on South Africa a very profound one.

One of the most important persons who came from this Indian heritage was Mahatma Gandhi, who later would help to overthrow British rule of his native land through peaceful protests. It was his methods that later became the inspiration for those looking to end the oppressive rule in the African nation.

In the 1960s this area became a refuge for many who had been forced out of the cities by the Apartheid government. This grew into a series of small towns and villages that were built quickly and rose to gain some political power. The great Nelson Mandela was one who found himself in this area, and was later arrest and sent to prison for decades before being freed and rising to become the country’s President.


While the history is amazing, there is a great deal more to enjoy about this route. The Indian influence is enormous, so you will find a great many Indian restaurants and shops to enjoy. You will be amazed at the stunning craftsmanship of the art pieces they supply, and will love the food.

There are great accommodations in the area as well. Some of the finest resorts and hotels in all of South Africa are located here, as are a series of restaurants that range from Argentinian grill to authentic Zulu cuisine. You will truly love the diversity that the area provides.

You will also love the opportunity to get out and get involved in nature. There is an amazing game reserve in this area where you can see many of the indigenous animals of the country. All are protected, ensuring that these animals have a safe haven in which to survive.


There are a great many trails that allow you to explore more thoroughly. Many love the opportunity to grab their backpack and spend the day learning more about the land, maybe even opting to camp out overnight.

There are also fabulous golf courses and great clubs that allow you to truly enjoy your time here to its fullest. It is a spot you will want to come back to every time you vacation.