Green Hub

The Green Hub is where the people of Durban, South Africa and their guests can get reconnected with the nature of the community. Many tourists find it to be one of the best and most exciting places to visit because Durban’s “Green Heart” is truly a magical place where you will enjoy nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

The Green Hub consists of several parts that make it a great experience. First is the Blue Lagoon Park where you can enjoy a day in this amazing lagoon area. You can swim, lay on the beach, explore the region around the lagoon, or just have a day looking out into the vast Indian Ocean. You can also rent a boat or canoe and spend the day seeing the water while you cruise around the lagoon and its outskirts.

green hub durban

There is also a large number of nature-based tours that one can take to show them the beauty of the Green Hub. The tours are focused on many areas of this amazing place and allow you to select which part of the Green Hub you would like to survey most. There are eco-tours, school education packages, and youth development tours. All are intended to enhance the experience of the visitor.

The tours allow you to do a lot of different activities. There are mountain bike tours that will take you over some rugged courses, so you get a good work out while you also get to see the amazing area and learn about its life and culture. Large numbers of differing species of birds are prevalent in this Hub and you will be amazed at the beauty of the uMngeni Valley.

The tours go by the Inanda Dam, showing you how this incredible manmade object was built and operates, but also how it has actually helped to keep the uMengi and the Valley of a Thousand Hills a true paradise on earth. The plants and animals have actually been helped by the dam because it has ensured that there has been an adequate supply of water for all wildlife, and has stopped the region from flooding.

The rivers, waterfalls, dams, valleys, and hills are truly something you will love. The Valley of a Thousand Hills is absolutely spectacular and was one of the first regions settled by Europeans. Once you see how it looks and how amazing the life is in this region you will clearly understand why they chose here to begin their colonization.

Of course, like most of South Africa, this is an area that began with the Zulu tribe dominating the region. Their influence over the area cannot be forgotten, and a lot has been done to provide visitors with an understanding of how the Zulu culture has affected this region.

This is a great experience for the whole family because there is so much that you can do. You can spend your time on the water, get adventurous with a rugged bike ride, walk, canoe, or just enjoy the sites.