Golf is a sport that people love to play no matter the occasion. Even when they are on vacation they want to get in at least 9 holes, and so they choose cities that allow them to enjoy their favorite vice. They want to test their skills on courses all over the world, and don’t want to waste an opportunity to get in a few rounds.

In Durban, South Africa they understand that golf is a sport that people love to play, even when they are on vacation, and this is why you will find some of the best courses here. You will love how they are constructed, the challenge, and how easy they are to get to.


You will find that there are quite a few courses in and around the city. Because the temperature is quite warm year around, it not only gives cause to have a large number of golf courses, but they are easily maintained under the beautiful subtropical temperatures you will encounter in Durban.

There are over fifty courses in the area, with some being more exclusive in who they let in and others being open to all who want to come and try the course out. Don’t fret though. Just because a course is not exclusive does not mean it is not a great place to shoot 18 holes. All of them are well maintained and you are likely to find a few people who need a fourth to join them on their round.

golf in durban

Many of these courses have been designed by the best golfers that Africa has ever produced, meaning the courses are quite rigorous and challenging. One, in fact, was designed by Bobby Jones, who created the course for the prestigious Masters Golf Course in Augusta, GA. People such as Peter Matovich, Robert Grimsdell, and Sid Brews have created many of the other ones, and these men knew a lot about golf and how to make a course that will be both fun and challenging.

In some hotels or resorts that you stay in, there is access to a course or a course is part of the resort. You will need to check the accommodations to see what they have available. Some hotels even have agreements with local courses to let their guests use the course at no additional charge.

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If you are wanting to learn how to play golf, there are also instructors at many of the courses. They can assist you learning the finer techniques of the game, and can assist those who have played for a while to get even better. You can also hire caddies to assist you during your round. They are all quite knowledgeable about the game and the courses they work at, so they can assist you in getting the most out of your time out on the course.

Just because you are on vacation does not mean you should be deprived of your opportunity to get some gold in. Durban, South Africa is a great place to vacation and to get some golf in.