Durban Kids Guide

A vacation is supposed to be a great time for the whole family. The mom, dad, and kids take some time to discuss where they would like to go, and then they all travel to some destination where they get to gather as a family and spend quality time together. It is the ultimate getaway from the whole unit.

mini town durban

mini town durban

The problem is that too often the trip is more about what the parents want to do, and very little about what is fun and entertaining for the kids. I mean museums and galleries are interesting, but no kid wants to spend eight or nine hours in a museum when there is an absolutely epic beach area a few hundred yards away. It is more torture than vacation at that point.

durban kids

Fortunately, Durban, South Africa is the perfect place to go to find activities for the whole family. There are many great places to see that are absolutely perfect for kids of all ages.

For example, the famous Golden Mile is one of the best places for kids. This is a large beach area that is covered with some of the most amazing and pristine sand you will ever see. The kids can swim in the ocean in safety as there are full-time lifeguards on duty all the time. There is also a great amusement park just off the beach there the kids can enjoy a day on the rides.

kids attractions durban

kids attractions durban2

As if this isn’t fun enough, the uShaka Marine World is right near the beach area. Run by Marine World Africa USA, this is an attraction where animal shows occur daily, and visitors can see the animals under the water up close and personal. There is also a great water slide amusement park where the whole family can enjoy swimming, intertubing, and going down slides. Your kids will absolutely love it.

kids attractions durban3


kids attractions durban4

Mini Town is one of the most fun things you will ever visit. This is a whole little city built with replicas that are no bigger than knee high. There are moving models of trains and planes, and you can open and close bridges to accommodate the trains. There are also docks with boats, and a complete circus with animals and everything. It is the most amount of fun despite being so small.

The Natal Shark Board is a great place to learn more about these deadly predators. You will not only get to see sharks up close, but they do a presentation during the week of the insides of a shark. If you are not too squeamish and want to get a real look at how these creatures truly look, the whole family will love it.

Natal Shark Board

Natal Shark Board

A family trip should be fun for the adults and the kids, but we all know that this is not always the case. A trip to Durban ensures that the family can all enjoy themselves. What makes all these places so great is even the big kids will love them. Yes, your mom and dad are really kids at heart.