City Walking Tours

There is no reason why a vacation cannot be both fun and worthwhile for you. Many people go off on their vacation and spend a majority of time sitting around. Between plane rides, cab and bus rides, sitting at attractions and shows, and just laying around at the pool or the beach, there is a lot of sedentary behavior that is not in the interests of your overall health. In fact, you can come back from a vacation feeling a lot worse about yourself than when you left, and this is commonly what happens to many people.

Durban, South Africa is the kind of tourist spot that wants you to have an absolutely spectacular vacation and to come home feeling better than ever. This is why they offer city walking tours where you can enjoy the amazing sites, smells, and sounds of Durban, while also getting a good day out in the sun walking. You will find that there are few experiences on earth that match the amazing tours you can in Durban.

city walking tour

There are two primary ones that attract tourists the most. The first of these is the Oriental Walk-About. As part of this tour you begin at Durban’s first railway, which is the site of the old Durban Station. There are three main buildings here that are still around, but are not used as part of the railway system any more.

From there you will walk through the Indian Area of Durban, which is the largest collection of Indians in the world outside of India itself. The restaurants, shops, and people you will meet are truly amazing, and you will love the things you can sample and buy. Gandhi grew up in these neighborhoods, so it is easy to see that there is some serious history to learn in this area.

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You will also get to walk through a large Zulu neighborhood, where you can also learn about the people who first colonized South Africa many thousands of years ago. These are a truly amazing people that will make your time in the city something truly special.

As you walk you will get to enjoy the amazing culture and architecture along the trail. This includes a walk through Commercial Road and a tour through the Emmanuel Cathedral. It is truly breath-taking.

The Historical Walk-About is another great walking tour. This goes through the city and Farewell Square, where you will get to see many of the most famous buildings in all of Durban. This includes the Anglican Church, the first city hall, and present city hall. You will get to gaze at the gargoyles that surround the tops of the city buildings, and will enjoy the history museum and the old courthouse.

The Durban Art Galleries are also along this path, as is the Natural Science Museum. There you will find the oldest dinosaur fossil bones on earth housed.

You will truly get a great adventure as you walk through Durban and see the incredible sites that it has to offer. Plus, you will keep yourself in good shape and truly get to enjoy the amazing city.