City Tours

Durban, South Africa is one of the most sought after sites for tourists these days. With a great climate year around, and many great sites and attractions to enjoy, there are many hundreds of reasons why so many see this as the ideal destination spot for themselves. It is true that so many come to Durban because of the amazing beaches and spectacular surfing, but there is a lot more to this city than just these two activities. You will find a great many cultural activities to enjoy as well as events, shows, and sites. It is truly a remarkable city.

city tours durban

The problem for many that are visiting Durban is that they are not acquainted with all there is to see, so they miss out on some of the activities because they simply did not know about them. No need to worry about this if you are visiting Durban soon. You can join one of the city tours that will take you around and show you a wide variety of attractions that will keep you ewwing and ahhing for hours.

There are a few companies that provide sightseeing city tours where you can see the main attractions and enjoy a great day in this beautiful city. These tours not only take you to the attractions that make Durban a truly beautiful city, but they also provide you with the history and culture behind many of the sites you will see. It is truly an all-encompassing tour that you will love.


Not many people are aware of this, but Durban is one of the most culturally diverse communities that you will encounter. Call it the African “melting pot.” There is an extremely large Indian population that traces its roots to the region back to the 1860s. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi, the famous Indian activist and pacifist, once called this area home. This is one of the many great things you can find out more about on these tours.

There are also amazing sites to see. The Botanical Gardens is really something special, as you will see a whole group of living fossils. These are plants that would be extinct had it not been for them being preserved within the gardens. There are great tours of the Golden Mile, a roughly one mile stretch along the beach where you will see amazing structures, great beaches, and a lot of other attractions that will surely captivate your attention.

These tours all pick up at the major hotels and you can select the length of duration you want for your trip. Some are as short as two hours, while others go half day or full day in length. Costs vary on the length of the tour and the attractions that you want to see. There are also city tours that are conducted on bicycles or even walking. The choice is yours.

You will truly love the landmarks and attractions you get to see on these tours. They are truly amazing and will leave you captivated, wanting more.