1000 Hills Experience

The 1000 Hills Experience, also known as the Valley of 1000 Hills, is a place filled with hills, cliffs, and valleys that surround the Umgeni River. This river flows from the Drakensberg Mountains all the way to the Indian Ocean, and provides one of the majestic places to see nature on the whole earth. It is truly a great place to visit for those who are taking a vacation in Durban, South Africa. This is one of the most historically significant areas in all of Africa and is a diverse ecosystem that has some of the most amazing scenery in the continent.

The 1000 Hills is right on the doorstep to the beach areas that are on the Indian Ocean. From the hills you can see out into the ocean for miles, a view that makes for some impressive camera shots. It does not matter what time of year it is; you will see some amazing sites for sure.

1000 hills experience durban

This was the site for centuries where the Zulu natives called home. There is a large cultural center there to commemorate their history, which is quite profound. Zulus dominated this area until the British arrived in 1825. When they arrive the 1000 Hills was a very remote area where wildlife and animals ran wild. The Europeans saw this as a perfect place to find food and build their homes, and so it quickly grew into a large colony.

While the Europeans were a key piece to the historical puzzle, many recognize that this region would not have been so enticing had it not been for the original inhabitants of this land. Now you can visit the cultural centers that are located in the Valley. You can not only see ancient artifacts, but also learn about the people, see their dances and music performed, and partake in ancient tribal rituals.

As part of the cultural center there is a fantastic set of natural parks, including Crocodile and Snake Park. You can also find great shops and restaurants that sell authentic items and serve authentic Zulu cuisine.

There are tours you can take, and some even include an overnight stay. You can either stay in the home of the one of the people who live there, enjoy a stay at one of the rondavals, or stay outdoors for the night and enjoy living like the people did there hundreds of years ago. There are also half day and full day tours available that will give you a real taste of what it was like to live in the area.

You will find that there are three different tours available. The Village Explore Tour helps to bring you into close awareness of the spiritual beliefs and practices of the Zulu people, especially the head of the village. The Valley Tour is an overnight tour that gives you a protracted period of time in the valley. The Bush Discovery Tour shows you all the hidden secrets you will find in the 1000 Hills, and is more geared toward nature and the surroundings.

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